CRNA Advisory Council - Houston

“Communication has been everything during this crisis” 

Trained to be innovative and collaborative, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are dedicated members of the anesthesia care team. They work alongside anesthesiologists to ensure patients stay safe and comfortable before, during and after procedures.  

According to Scott Detiveaux, DNP, CRNA and platform chief for USAP’s Texas Gulf Coast region, CRNAs have earned their colleagues’ respect because of the value they bring to anesthesia care. “We are a team of hardworking, compassionate professionals with great appreciation for the responsibility that comes with providing anesthesia,” he says.  

The CRNA advisory council (CAC) in Houston was created three years ago to ensure CRNA concerns and interests were represented with both physician and executive leadership teams. Guided by a group charter, the leadership council provides structure for promoting the needs of CRNAs.  

That structure has been especially valuable during one of the greatest public health crises of our time. On top of carrying out their daily duties, Houston’s CAC is stepping up in big ways to treat COVID-19 patients and keep each other safe.  

With new information constantly being shared, the team is in regular contact with physician and executive leadership to ensure communication channels remain open. CRNA council members are cascading vital information about policy and procedure changes – especially around personal protective equipment (PPE) – to the more than 400 CRNAs across the region. CRNA leaders have also helped develop new staffing models so hospital units are properly staffed to care for COVID-positive patients.  

CRNAs are trusted to face many healthcare challenges, and the current pandemic is no different. They routinely do what is necessary to care for patients and ensure their hospital can continue to serve those in need.  

Detiveaux says this is all part of the job. “During times like this we adapt, we adjust and we overcome obstacles. That’s what our team was trained to do,” he says. 


USAP-Texas (Gulf Coast) CAC Members:

  • Scott Detiveaux
  • Gina Pertl
  • Ashley Valure
  • Tiffany McCuistion
  • Stephanie Reed
  • Whitney Lewis
  • James Fine
  • Jessica Lisenby
  • Jon Currie
  • Holly Lee
  • Carlos Matteo
  • Julie Brock
  • Debi Shannon