Every birth is an opportunity for a birthday celebration! It’s an honor to be a part of the team.” “It is immensely satisfying to wake a patient up after surgery and have them be pain free, wide awake and be surprised it’s over

James Lieberman, MD, FAWM, DiMM

James Lieberman, M.D.

James Lieberman, M.D. USAP Bio

About me
I am an anesthesiologist specializing in outpatient and regional anesthesia. My practice has evolved over the past 20+ years to include the newest and safest technologies for providing excellent comfort and care for my patients in a timely fashion, whether for inpatient or outpatient surgery. When I'm not doing surgery in small outpatient surgery centers, I enjoy doing obstetrics or larger operations in our hospitals.

I have lived in Seattle since 1990 with my family. My other medical passion is wilderness medicine, combining my knowledge of medicine with a deep love of everything outdoors. I am an active lecturer, teacher, and administrator for the Wilderness Medical Society, and when not working, I am chasing wind for kiteboarding and chasing powder and views while backcountry skiing.


  • University of Washington, School of Medicine, Seattle, WA
  • Virginia Mason Medical Center, Seattle, WA
  • Diploma in Mountain Medicine
  • Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine
  • Board Certification:  Anesthesiology