Vickie Hau, M.D.

Vickie Hau, M.D. USAP Bio

About Me
I grew up in Brooklyn, New York and have gradually made my way to the west coast. I studied chemical engineering with a minor in economics at Bucknell University. After college I worked at General Electric in Cleveland, OH for five years before switching to medicine. I decided to specialize in anesthesia because I like the variety and breadth of content. The skills it takes to run an efficient day in an ambulatory setting is very different than those required on the labor and delivery floor.


Personal Interests
Yoga, hiking, traveling, cooking


Areas of Clinical Interests
Obstetric Anesthesiology


Anesthesiology at University of Washington


Obstetric Anesthesiology at University of Washington


University of Washington


Medical/Graduate School
University of Cincinnati


Hau V, Bonilla-Velez J, Low D. Anesthesia management for ENT surgery in a child with X-linked pyruvate kinase deficiency. Paediatr Anaesth. 2021;31(4):499-500.

Solomon SC, Saxena RC, Neradilek MB, et al. Forecasting a Crisis: Machine-Learning Models Predict Occurrence of Intraoperative Bradycardia Associated With Hypotension. Anesth Analg. 2020;130(5):1201-1210.