Molina Healthcare of Texas and US Anesthesia Partners Enter Three-Year Agreement

DALLAS, August 19, 2020 — Molina Healthcare of Texas (“Molina”) and US Anesthesia Partners, Inc. (USAP) today announced a long-term agreement for USAP to be in-network with Molina in Texas.

“Molina Healthcare of Texas is pleased to partner with USAP to ensure members have access to additional high-quality in-network anesthesia clinicians,” said Anne Rote, plan president for Molina Healthcare of Texas. “Contracting with USAP is an important part of our network strategy because it enables a seamless and transparent outcome for our members.”

At a time when many individuals are turning to public insurance options after losing access to employer-sponsored benefits, Molina’s Medicaid and ACA members will all be able to receive high-quality, in-network anesthesia care from USAP clinicians throughout the state.

“Texas is home to over 2,500 USAP clinicians who serve over one million patients each year in 147 Texas hospitals and 152 surgery centers and other care facilities,” said Jon Giacomin, USAP’s Chief Executive Officer. “With this agreement, USAP and Molina have demonstrated the importance of enlightened plans and providers coming together, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic, to ensure patients are not caught in the middle when it comes to accessing quality in-network care.”  

Across the country, USAP has long had an “in-network” strategy that last year resulted in over 94 percent of its over 2.3 million cases being processed as in-network.


About Molina Healthcare of Texas

Since 2006, Molina Healthcare of Texas has been providing government-funded care for low-income individuals. As of June 30, 2020, the company served approximately 352,000 members through Medicaid, CHIP, Medicare, Medicare-Medicaid (Duals) and Health Insurance Exchange programs, with service areas across Texas. For more information, visit

About US Anesthesia Partners

USAP is the leading single-specialty anesthesia practice, dedicated to providing high-quality anesthesia services to over 2.3 million patients across the nation annually.  With over 4200 clinicians and expertise in many anesthesia subspecialties, including pediatric, cardiac and OB anesthesia, USAP sets the standard for high quality patient care.  Its data-driven quality metrics enable continuous innovation and improvements that are shared across USAP via a robust Clinical Quality Committee and quality framework.

This helps facilitate the delivery of consistent, high quality services for patients, surgeons, facilities and payers. The company’s clinicians serve healthcare communities in Texas, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Maryland. For more information on USAP, please visit